“Les Amis” is a non-profit association which functions alongside St Luke’s to enable the congregation to raise funds for charity. Secular laws in France prohibit religious institutions from doing so directly.

“Les Amis” is officially called “L’Association des Amis de l’Eglise Anglicane de Fontainebleau” (AAEAF) which means “The Association of Friends of the Anglican Church of Fontainebleau” but we generally refer to AAEAF as “Les Amis”.

“Les Amis” organizes social events to raise funds for charitable causes. Although it is comprised of members of our congregation, “Les Amis” is a separate association.

For more information contact Les Amis using the form below:

President: Nicholas Daglish

Vice-President: Annabel Pouget

Treasurer: Kathryn Pouget

Secretary: Sharon Houy

Committee Members: Simon Bayly, Deigan Morris, Lisa Taylor